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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Here you will find all of the information about our state of the art rug cleaning process
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This short video will show you our complete rug cleaning process

A good quality rug is an investment that can be passed down to future generations. We're experts at making rugs last for decades. See how our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians make your rug cleaner than ever.

Step 1: Inspection & Analysis

The most important part of cleaning rugs is knowing exactly what we are cleaning. Rugs are generally composed of either wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, or natural fibers. Each of these different textiles has different cleaning characteristics. At this stage, any specific stains, odours or pre existing damage is documented to determine a suitable process for cleaning.

Step 2: Dry Soil & Dirt Removal

The first important part of the cleaning process is dry soil removal. We have a special machine that vibrates the deeply embedded soils from the rug.. We also thoroughly vacuum the rug front and back. This is an important process because some dirt may be ground deep into the backing.

Correct removal of these dry soils is most important because when dry soils get wet they turn to mud and that is much harder to remove during the cleaning process.

Step 3: Pre Treatment

We like to wash our rugs by hand for the most part. All of the rugs are cleaned differently and go through a thorough and gentle process in our wash pit.

Step 4: Automatic Wash Tub

Once your rug has been pre conditioned and cleaned in our wash pit, The rug is transferred to our Wash tub. Here in the wash tub the rug gently tumbles around in a special solution to dislodge any odors, soils and grime and allows us to completely soak and flush the rug out.

Step 5: Automatic Washing Machine

After a few hours of tumbling around in our wash tub, The rugs are fed through our state of the art rug washing machine. This machine gently applies detergent, scrubs, rinses and conditions your rug as it progresses through the machine. As not all rugs are the same, This is fully adjustable with the speed, pressure of water, amount of detergent, amount of pressure applied when scrubbing and amount of conditioner applied.

Step 6: Centrifugal Drying

Once we are satisfied that your rug is nice and clean, We place the rug into our Centrifuge. This will basically spin dry the rug, removing up to 95% of the moisture.

Step 7: Drying

Inside our state of the art drying room. The rug is either hung or laid flat depending on what is ideal for your rug. This room is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure that we get consistent and ideal drying conditions. All rugs are tested with moisture probes to ensure they are 100% dry before being removed from the room.

Step 8 - Finishing and Detailing

Now that your rug is 100% dry, We lay your rug down in our dedicated clean inspection area. We complete a post clean inspection to ensure that we are 100% happy with the results post clean. Any hand detailing of the rug is now completed. We also process the rugs through our finishing machine which will groom, vacuum and roll the rug up before it is placed into our dust free storage room ready for collection.